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The Menu


The seasonal menu, with a cover inspired by the great Renaissance artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, offers a selection of dishes created using prime regional products sourced from all over Italy thus the discerning client is taken on a truly gastronomic tour of that country.


Raw langoustines, peaches, cucumbers and citrus fruits

Young beef carpaccio with Ligurian pesto, lamb's lettuce and parmesan

Grilled roast octopus, caponata Siciliana with olive cream from Taggia

Thin slices of veal and tuna sauce, a classic from Piedmont

Raw Mediterranean amberjack marinated in “Costiera” vegetables

Parma ham from "Gran Tanara", 30 months matured, melon from Sicily

Raw artichoke salad, apples, arugula and bread pine condiments


Risotto “Vialone Nano” with artichokes and prawns stew

Fresh tagliatelle with ossobuco stew, fine herbs

Ravioli “Casoncelli Bergamaschi” pancetta, zucchini and parmesan

Maccheroni “Monograno” roasted peppers, anchovies and mozzarella

Large swordfish ravioli, olive stew and squid

Linguine “Senatore Cappelli” garlic, olive oil, langoustines and watercress

Spaghetti flour “Kamut” with raw and cooked tomatoes from Pachino, Sicily


Large mixed frying of prawns, langoustines, zucchini and squid

Pan-fried Saint Pierre fillet, tomatoes and capers, bed of eggplant pulp

Roasted Mantova veal t-bone, artichokes, potatoes and pancetta

“Scottona” beef in tagliata, green sauce, sautéed vegetables

Grilled suckling lamb chops, peppers, zucchini and mint