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The Menu


The seasonal menu, with a cover inspired by the great Renaissance artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, offers a selection of dishes created using prime regional products sourced from all over Italy thus the discerning client is taken on a truly gastronomic tour of that country.


Langoustine Prawn salad, Shrimp and Pesto, chopped Olives from Taggia 30€

Raw Cod Fish Carpaccio, Tuna Bottarga and eggplant pulp 27€

Buffalo mozzarella, red peppers, red onions and grated summer truffle * 30€

Raw Red Prawns carpaccio, vegetable marinated, grated Summer Truffle * 38€

“Gran Tanara” Parma Ham aged 28 months, Cantalupo melon 24€

Beef Carpaccio, arugula cream, zucchini, parmesan with or without truffle 26/35€

Line-caught Sea-Bass Tartare, Umbrian lentils and tomato purée 25€

Raw cod fish carpaccio, artichokes, hazelnuts and grated Summer Truffle * 34€

Vitello Tonnato, cold sliced ​​roast Veal, Tuna sauce and Capers 25€


"Gentile" Linguine with Pesto sauce as in Genoa * 34€

Fine homemade Tagliatelle with Pigeon Ragout and Artichokes 35€

Spinach Ravioli, butter, sage, parmesan and Black Summer Truffle * 40€

Ravioli stuffed with Crab, Langoustine and Prawn ragout 42€

Linguine with langoustines, garlic, olive oil, grated Black Summer Truffle * 50€

Risotto « Vialone Nano » with three Pachino tomatoes sauce * 34€

Cannelloni with three meats, cream of Morels, melted cheese and Truffle * 42€

Paccheri di Gragnano, beef and tomato fricassee like in Naples 36€

John Dory ravioli, prawn ragout, grated summer truffle * 45€

Spaghetti Senatore Cappelli with Mussels, Zucchini and Tuna Bottarga 37€


Filet of sea bream, roasted red onions, sautéed tomatoes and pesto 45€

Large mixed deep fried prawns, langoustine, squid and zucchini 54€

Steak of roasted Turbot fish, artichokes, potato and olives 57€

Pan-fried Beef sirloin, minced herbs and sautéed mushrooms 48€

Milanese-style Breaded Veal loin, pan-fried vegetables and basil 48€

Roasted Tuscan suckling Lamb leg, seasonal vegetables - for 2 pers. 98€


Vanilia cream with rasberries and rasberriesgranita 18€

Gianduiotto with hazelnuts Tonda Gentile Alta Langa 19€

Italian Lemon tart 19€

Classic tiramisu according to Alberico Penati 18€

Typical granita with Avola almonds 17€

Sicilian citrus fruit granita 15€

Typical coffee granita like in Positano 15€